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Top 10 tips to ROCK your photoshoot. . . 

Let's be honest, planning an intimate boudoir shoot is a big deal. In many cases, it's a once in a lifetime experience. At the very least, it's a significant investment of both time and money. Here are a few tips to help get it right!

DO ... Plan to have your shoot go better than you have imagined. Our clients describe the session as empowering, life changing, inspiring, amazing, incredible ... you name it! These are all examples of after effects you should expect from a professional boudoir shoot. 

DON'T ... Worry about losing those last few pounds. We ALL have areas of concern or something we wish we could change. A boudoir shoot is a celebration of exactly who you are! You will be lit and posed in ways that are prefect for you, so you look and feel amazing about yourself. Anything that doesn't automatically disappear with lighting and posing can  be easily handled in post session editing. 

DO ... Plan to have fun! Once you get past the first few minutes and view the first few "keepers" on the camera, any remaining anxiety fades away and then the really good stuff starts to happen. The more you relax, the better the shots ... the better the shots, the more you relax. 

DON'T ... Worry about how to pose. We do this everyday and have literally thousands, upon thousands of poses and ideas for you. You are welcome to bring ideas with you, but know that you don't need to already know how pose. 

DO ... Bring a cover or robe to wear in. We usually recommend a satin or silk robe. It is actually the most versatile and overlooked photography prop. Regardless if how little you have underneath, it's not only a great 'icebreaker' outfit, but it will help to keep you comfortable in between sets. 

DON'T ... Procrastinate! To our knowledge, no one has ever died from this type of shoot. Of  course, any time you are going to push the envelope, there is a natural tendency to procrastinate. Remember, the sooner you do the shoot, the sooner you are going to feel empowered and amazing about yourself. 

DO ... Bring a splash of color. Everyone has a color that looks great on their skin tone or brings out their eyes. Incorporate color in your lingerie selections, even if it's just a splash. Especially, if your variety of outfits are varying shades of black. 

DON'T ... Wear wedges! Although wedges are a fantastic and comfortable shoe choice, they don't photograph well. Bring heels, even if it's just a pair of simple black. Remember, you don't have to walk in heels, only pose in them. 

DO ... Spend time trying on your outfits prior to your shoot. Make sure your outfits make you feel beautiful, confident and sexy. Everyone has a different idea of what makes them feel sexy. We want you to feel like YOU! Make sure your outfits fit the way you want before your shoot, remove tags and stickers off the bottom of shoes.


DON'T ... Spray tan!! This includes lotions, gels and sprays. Lotions and sprays don't always cover evenly, match correctly. Most notably, the color of the 'fake tan' won't match your natural skin tone, primarily the face ... a true giveaway.  It will also come off on your clothing and  studio props and furniture. The only way to avoid the dreaded orange look, is to either tan naturally or spending time in the tanning bed several weeks prior to the shoot. 

DO ... Hydrate! Water, H2O, Perrier, whatever you want to call it!  Drink plenty of water prior to your shoot. Do your best to avoid alcohol and salt. Hydrating makes your skin smoother, softer and more radiant. Best of all, it's the best way to help minimize the appearance of cellulite. 

DO ... Give yourself a little extra time. After the session and review of 'keepers' on the camera you will make your package selection for the digital images. You will also have an opportunity to view our studio examples of custom albums and matted print options.

Jeph DeLorme

Professional Photographer

Creative Director

DeLorme Creative

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