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Updated March 2022

Our Commitment to You

In response to COVID-19 and the subsequent State of Washington mandates, we open under the CDC approved porotcols for Seattle and King County. If you have not yet visited our studio, it is approximately 1000sq. ft., and is a fully private space with no public access or walk-in business.   It is very clean and all of our props and backgrounds are cleaned and sanitized for every session.  Our sessions are private, closed sessions and we typically do 1-2 sessions daily. To allow time for extra cleaning, we are currently limiting session availability to 1 client daily. For the most part, our sessions can be conducted while still maintaining acceptable social distancing. The primary exception to this would be working with the pre-session professional hair and make-up artist. Our make-up artists are trained professionals and are well aware of the requirements for doing their work and maintaining the highest levels of hygiene possible.

(Click here to view studio interior)

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