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Find Your Moment of Courage ...

Throughout the years and with many of our clients, we hear the same thing … “I have been thinking about this and watching your work for a long time“ and in some cases “for years.” We usually get to know our clients very well in these instances, as we spend months, and even years communicating before we work together.

When are you going to allow yourself the joy of experiencing a boudoir shoot? Not someone taking a sexy photo of you with a phone but taking the time to allow yourself to feel the best you ever have? A small moment in time, really. In the grand scheme of our daily lives, things become hectic and we lose sight of the experiences we want to have. We put things off and time marches on … another year goes by and we still haven’t done things we swore to ourselves we would. We find another reason and another excuse to not do something. What are we waiting for? What are you waiting for … yes YOU!

Top 5 Excuses:

- “I don’t look like the models on your website/social media pages.”

- “I need to lose weight.”

- “I’m not young enough to do it.”

- “I don’t have enough confidence and I’m shy”

- “I’m not photogenic or sexy. I’d be lucky to get one photo I like.”

Let’s tackle these concerns one at a time …

1). “I don’t look like the models on your website/social media pages.”

The models you see on our site are in fact regular people like you and me. They began as first-time clients, blossomed into friends and worked to be part of our portfolio. These women are mothers of 5, professionals, women who have undergone major life and body changes, you name it. It’s not about looking like a model, but rather being posed and lit in ways that are perfect for you individually. We have hundreds of tricks to bring out your very best. From natural smiles, to sultry eyes, angles that accentuate parts of your body and help you to see how sexy and beautiful you are. We work with clients from all walks of life … real, true and authentic people.

2). “I need to lose weight.”

We will tell you from the very beginning, stop telling yourself you need to lose weight. Stop saying that you just need to lose another 5-10lbs before you will book a shoot. Truth … it usually doesn’t happen. You will continue to put off having an incredible experience in your life, if you use weight loss as a reason to wait. Celebrate who you are; everything you are. As you research different Boudoir sites, you will see we all say the same thing. We ALL have areas of concern, something we wish we were able to change. Accept it! Accept who you are and allow yourself to feel the magic of a shoot. We always ask, “Did you need to put off the shoot this long?” The answer is always “No!!” Your body is not a reason to put off a boudoir shoot, but rather the entire purpose of it! You are the focus. We have the unique opportunity to work with you in a way that allows you to show off your very best self.

3). “I’m not young enough to do it.”

Age does not define you! Be who you want and do the things that make life worthwhile. We work with clients from 18 to 84 … yes, you read that correctly, 84 years old! She was incredible and an inspiration that you can do whatever you want. Many of our clients say that they wish they had done this earlier in their life. Why? Feel beautiful and sexy everyday and during every stage in your life. A boudoir shoot does not have an age limit. Be confident in who you are and where you are at in life. This is the type of shoot that will give you extra confidence everywhere you go. Imagine finishing your session and smiling to yourself the entire week after, knowing where you have been and what you created. That sense of empowerment will warm you from the inside out long after the shoot has ended.

4). “I don’t have enough confidence and I’m shy.”

Feeling shy and not confident for a boudoir shoot is natural. From time to time, someone will walk through the doors ready to take it all off. Let’s be honest, that’s a rare occurrence. This is not something most people do regularly. We will guide you throughout the entire session and ease you into it. Within the first 5 minutes you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Once you start to relax, that’s when the magic starts to happen. Keep an open mind and don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you feel sexy in a t-shirt and panties vs. stockings and garters, then bring what helps you feel the most like yourself, while pushing your comfort zone a little. If you wear outfits that you don’t personally identity with, then you won’t feel as confident as you could. Remember, we want to capture you for who you are. Your confidence will soar, and your shyness will fade as we work through your session together. Just be yourself and know that whatever it is that helps you feel sexy we support 100%.

5). “I’m not photogenic or sexy. I’d be lucky to get one photo I like.”

After over 20 years of Boudoir photography experience, we haven’t been stumped yet. Even our most skeptical clients are blown away by how great they look, before anything has been retouched. Our sessions revolve around you loving every image, as shot on camera. That’s how your confidence is built from the very beginning. Every 5-10 minutes we stop and show you every image on camera. This allows you to see that within the first few minutes, you are not only photogenic, but your images are turning out better than you imagined. From there, the negative thoughts you have been telling yourself about not being sexy or photogenic fade into the background, and your confidence shines through. We have thousands of poses on hand. All you must do is follow a few simple instructions and you will see how incredible you are in no time.

Sometimes the hardest part of doing a professional boudoir shoot is booking the session. Take the time to communicate with us before your shoot. Talk about what your motivation is, what your concerns are and what you hope to gain from your shoot. Let us guide you throughout the entire process. Stop saying you want to do a boudoir shoot someday, and make that moment happen. Take a deep breath and know that although this can be nerve-wracking in the beginning, it’s FUN. Your shoot is supposed to not only help you see your beauty and sensual side, but it’s supposed to be freeing and fun. I (personally) feel that sometimes people forget that. This is fun … it’s not scary. Yes, this is a professional shoot, but you’re working with people who live and breathe this life. We do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable and fun.

You deserve to do this. Feel a sense of excitement and empowerment. Trust that you are in good hands, trust the process and allow yourself to feel free. Our amazing clients don’t come in for a session with us and feel bad about themselves or unhappy that they did it. Let yourself feel great! Let yourself be the person you want to be and show it off. Revel in the new experiences in your life and embrace this opportunity. Hit the play button, find your courage and showcase everything you are.

~ Amanda DeLorme - Co-owner/Producer ~

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