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Find Your Moment of Courage ...

Throughout the years and with many of our clients, we hear the same thing … “I have been thinking about this and watching your work for a long time“ and in some cases “for years.” We usually get to know our clients very well in these instances, as we spend months, and even years communicating before we work together.

When are you going to allow yourself the joy of experiencing a boudoir shoot? Not someone taking a sexy photo of you with a phone but taking the time to allow yourself to feel the best you ever have? A small moment in time, really. In the grand scheme of our daily lives, things become hectic and we lose sight of the experiences we want to have. We put things off and time marches on … another year goes by and we still haven’t done things we swore to ourselves we would. We find another reason and another excuse to not do something. What are we waiting for? What are you waiting for … yes YOU!

Top 5 Excuses:

- “I don’t look like the models on your website/social media pages.”

- “I need to lose weight.”

- “I’m not young enough to do it.”

- “I don’t have enough confidence and I’m shy”

- “I’m not photogenic or sexy. I’d be lucky to get one photo I like.”