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What's Included:

  • Professional Hair and Make-up, 1 hour

  • Professional Boudoir Photo Shoot - 2 hours

  • 1/2 Day of Private Studio time reserved

  • 3-5 Outfit changes (client provided)

  • 6 proofing images in an online viewing gallery

  • One, 11x14 metallic paper print

How to book your session:

Email: Amanda DeLorme, Owner-Producer

Text 425.577.1104


Sessions are reserved Monday-Saturday at 10:00am or 1:00pm


Day of Session Details

Hair and Make-up:

You will spend a full hour having your make-up done and hair styled.

Lashes are included and provided

Pre-Shoot Consult:

Once you are finished with hair and make-up we will discuss how your session will work, show examples of our current work, explain the editing process, discuss posing options and review your outfits.

Photo Session:

Your session is completely private and uninterrupted.

You will have a full 2hr professional boudoir session with Jeph DeLorme. Images will be reviewed and approved throughout the session and you should finish with 65-80 approved images on camera.


Session Wrap:

At the completion of your session, you will have a chance to view the images on camera a final time, and review options for purchasing digital images, prints or other products created from your images.


Additional Q and A


What is the difference between what is included with the Session Certificate offered on Groupon/Living Social and the one offered through DeLorme Creative directly and through your website?


There are two basic differences.

1) A voucher purchased directly from DeLorme Creative is valid for a full year, Groupon/Living Social Vouchers are only valid for 4 months. 

2) The Groupon/Living Social Voucher includes a $50 coupon for the 11x14 print. Direct purchase vouchers receive a  $100 coupon code.


I have a Groupon/Living Social voucher, what is the best way to schedule my session?


We would love to book your session! Take a minute to fill out the reservation form on the previous page or click the 'contact studio' link below and we will be in touch right away! 


 Can I use or print the preview images included with the session certificate?


Unfortunately not.  There are no digital images or editing included with the session voucher regardless of where it was purchased. Digital images with editing are a separate purchase. Refer to 'investment page' for additional information.

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